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I offer quality photography services including on-site shoots of businesses, events, and gatherings. I take and print photos for graduating high school seniors, wedding engagement photos, family photos, pet portraits, and more.

I also offer art reproduction services for artists and offer the best color matching and digital rendering of your painting or mural. Being an artist myself, I have a special eye for recreating your art exactly the way you made it. 


Typically, I’ll come to the art. Shooting in your home or studio eliminates the risk and hassle of transporting your treasures and, in the case of murals, I sort of have to be there. If I’m capturing a collection, larger pieces take 10-15 minutes each to set up and photograph. Smaller stuff goes a little quicker. Once the artworks are photographed I crop and resize them and provide the client with digital copies of all cropped, edited photos in full high-resolution and a printed test-strip for each file.


For an individual artwork or mural (One single piece of art) I can generally do the shooting and cropping/editing in a single hour. For collections the minimum is one hour to shoot and one hour to edit so, for example, to photograph and edit 10-12 small pieces would take two hours.


The files are yours when I’m done and if you need a printshop I have one of those right here.

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 1.28.00 PM.png

Let me help you tell the story of something special from your life.

$125/hr  |  half day $400  |  full day $750

Unlimited coverage. All unedited photos provided at web resolution.


If you buy one hour, the first hour of editing (about 20 images) is $50


A Half-Day booking includes 2 hours of editing (about 40 images)


A Full-Day booking includes 4 hours of editing


Additional editing $5/frame



Reach out here if you would like a quote for a portrait or photography shoot session. I will reply within 24 hrs.

Thanks for submitting!

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